Volunteer service to the school is welcome, needed and appreciated. It is important to the operation of the school and the building of our school community that families participate in some services areas. Click here to review the requirements volunteers have to fulfill before participating.

What is the PTG Board & The Volunteer Activities Committee?

The Volunteer Activities Committee is the fund raising and student enrichment activities “arm” of the PTG. It is chaired by two parents. Each chair has a two year term so one is always coming and going. This committee is responsible for coordinating volunteers for PTG fundraising events and classroom activities.  This committee meets four times a year.


PTG Board

Purpose of the PTG

The Parent Teacher Guild (PTG) is an organization consisting of school parents and guardians that works with school administration and the pastor of St. Scholastica Church in realizing the annual operating budget of the school and fosters community relations through its fundraising events. The PTG continually seeks opportunities to improve the school facilities and programs to the benefit of all students.

Reporting Structure

The PTG reports to the Principal of CDTCA and the Pastor of St. Scholastica Church. The PTG Board oversees the organization and is responsible for all fundraising activities. Officers of the PTG Board are the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Additional Board members include at-large parent representatives and the chairpersons of the PTG Auxiliary.


The diocese mandates that 10% of the total operating budget for the school year be met through fundraising activities. Currently, that equates to $64,000. This goal is primarily met through three major fundraising events; The Fall Fling, Night at the Races and the Golf Outing. Ancillary fundraising programs make up the balance of the required goal and provide monies for the ongoing needs of the PTG.

The PTG is responsible for the oversight of the fundraising activities that will meet this goal.


Funds raised by PTG activities, combined with a significant private donation, were used to install the Raimond Rueger Science Lab in the middle school building. Contributions to the school’s operating budget have been used to install lockers for the middle school and for a variety of other facility improvements in both buildings. A number of cultural programs and extracurricular activities are underwritten with PTG funding.