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Week March 27-31

Monday: Confessions

Tuesday: Mass at 8:30

Friday: Stations of the Cross at 2:15 

Math: Fractions 

ReadingWeekly Story: Riding Freedom Test: Friday: March 31

p. 406

Genre: Historical Fiction 

Weekly skill: Compare and Contrast

Vocabulary Words:  escorted, swelled, relied, reputation, worthy, churning, situation, deserve, defended, satisfied

Language Arts:  adverbs, possessive nouns

Spelling:  /k/ /ng/ /kw/: Test: Friday: March 31: Packets due Thursday: March 30

risky, track, topic, blank, question, pocket, monkey, junk, equal, ache, public, attack, struck, earthquake, picnic, banker, electric, blanket, mistake, stomach


Social Studies: Five Regions: Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, West

Religion 4: Chapter 9: Test: Thursday: March 30  

Religion 8: Chapter 9: Test: Thursday: March 30  

 Specials Schedule: 

Monday: Library, Music

Tuesday: Music, Gym

Wednesday: Computer

Thursday: Spanish

Friday: Spanish