Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy

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Week Sept. 25-29

Tuesday: Mass @ 8:30 

Math: Chapter 1: Place Value and rounding to a million 

Simple Solution: Lesson 9 due Wednesday, Sept. 27   Lesson 10 due Friday, Sept. 29

Reading: Weekly story: The Power of W.O.WTest: Thursday, Sept. 28   

Weekly Skill: Theme   

Image result for power of wowVocabulary Words: assist, burglaries, innocent, scheme, regretfully, misjudged, suspect, favor, speculated, prior

Vocabulary Assignment due Thursday, Sept. 28 

Reading link


Language Arts: Subject and Predicate, fragment sentences

Spelling: short i and long i: Test: Thursday, Sept. 28

west, steep, member, gleam, fresh, freedom, speed, steam, beast, believe, speck, kept, cheap, pretend, greed, shelf, least, eager, reason, chief 

Challenge words: echo, menu

Spelling Packets due: Thursday, Sept. 21 

Religion: Chapter 1

Social Studies: Pennsylvania History

Science: Chapter 1: Living Plant Life


Monday: Music

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Library, Gym

Thursday: Computer

Friday: Spanish