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Week February 27-March 3

Tuesday: Feb. 28: Dress Down Day Donation of $2.00

Wednesday: March 1st: Ash Wednesday: Mass at 8:30


Math: Graphs:Image result for pictographs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

ReadingWeekly Story:   The Life and Times of the Ant Test: Friday: March 3

p. 352

Genre:  Informational Text 

Weekly skill: Text and Graphic Features

Vocabulary Words:  social, exchanges, excess, reinforce, storage, transport, chamber, scarce, obstacles, transfers

Language Arts:  

Spelling:   Final e: Test: Thursday: March 2: Packets due Wednesday: March 1

turkey, lonely, colony, steady, hungry, valley, hickey, starry, melody, movie, duty, drowsy, chimney, plenty, daily, alley, fifty, empty, injury, prairie

Challenge: envy, fiery, mercy, discovery, mystery 


 Social Studies:  Ch. 10 Government: Five Regions: Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, West

Religion 4: Chapter 8  

Religion 8: Chapter 8   

 Specials Schedule: 

Monday: Library, Music

Tuesday: Music, Gym

Wednesday: Computer

Thursday: Spanish

Friday: Spanish