Mrs. Studebaker


Updated  January 16, 2017


Student Reminders:
Report Cards: Thursday, January 19.

One Pager assignment due this week.

Students have switched to their new Battle of the Books and have been assigned Literature Discussion Groups.

7 & 8th grade students will be tested on Vocabulary Unit 1: Tuesday, January 17. (20 terms)

Spelling Test: Friday, January 20. Please check the individual information pages below for specific units.

Mentor Sentences: Daily activities should be completed Monday through Thursday evenings.


*Newsela Website click here: Newsela Link

Grades 6-8 AOW: 

A school’s decision to use iPads in class and at home causes controversy

One Pager Documents:

Grade 6, please click here for your One Pager format.OnePager6

Grades 7 and 8, please click here for your One Pager format. OnePager7&8


Grade 6:  Grade-6-Language-Arts



Grade  7: Grade-7-Language-Arts



Grade 8:Grade-8-Language-Arts





Grades 5-8

Students will begin Zentangle Art.


5th-8th Grade Supply List