Mrs. Steinberg


What are we learning this week???

Religion:  The children will learn about gifts from God.  We will discuss what the gifts that God has given to us, and how to say Thank You for those gifts.

Reading:  The children will read the story “Curious George at School” this week.  They will also learn words that contain the short o sound.  The words to know this week include: do, sing, find, no, funny, they.  There will be a test on Friday.  An informational packet has been sent home with the fridge facts.  Please study concepts from the story.  “Curious George,” words that contain the short o sound, and the words to know to help prepare for the test.

Spelling:  We will have a spelling test on Friday!  The words include: log, hot, dot, lot, top, ox

Forgot your book??  No problem!  Just click on the link to access the book online.  You must have an up-to-date flash player to open the story.  Book!!   

Math:  The children begin learning how to add this week.  They will begin by learning number sentences using pictures.  The pictures will gradually change to numbers.  Soon, they will use counters to  help them count and memorize facts to ten.

Social Studies:  The children are just beginning their unit on communities.  A letter has been sent home discussing the community project.  Each child received a different part of the community for them to create at home.  The projects are due on October 6th.  Please ask if you have any questions.

Science:  We will learn about different types of plants and the different types of seeds they spread.  Students will sort seeds on Friday.

Health:  How to we say no to bullies??

First Grade Supply List: First Grade Supply List- 2017-2018