Mrs. Steinberg



Religion:  This week, we will learn about how Jesus healed the sick to show God’s power and love.

Reading: Students will read a story called “Seasons.”  This non-fiction text will help children learn facts about the seasons we have in the United States.  Our Supplementary Story, will help the children learn about other seasons around the world. The phonics skill of the week are words that contain the consonant digraphs sh, wh, and ph.  The words the know of the week are: down, green, open, fall, grow, yellow, goes, new.  There will be a Reading Test on Friday.  Please check your fridge facts for more information.

To access the story of the week, please click the link!!!  Here!  – Once you have clicked on the link, please scroll (or type in) page 70.  There is an option on the top to give you the double page (book view).

Spelling:  We will have a spelling test on Friday.  These words include: ship, shop, when, whip, shell, graph, fish, which

Math: The children will learn about tens and ones this week.  We will learn how to look at groups of tens and ones and determine the amount shown.  This week, we will learn these facts to 00!

Social Studies: We will learn about the world’s oceans.  We will also review our continent song!!

Science:  We will continue learning about Animals and their habitats this week.

Health: Healthy Food Choices

First Grade Supply List: 1st-Grade-1