Mrs. Steinberg


Dear Families;

Religion:  We will discuss Easter and Holy Week this week.  The word for the week is Hosanna.

Reading:  This week, we will read the story “The Kite”  This is a wonderful story about Frog and Toad.  In this story, the two friends are trying to fly a kite.  Although they feel discouraged, they learn that if they keep trying, they just might complete their goal!!   The words to know this week include: across, head, second, ball, heard, should, cried, large.  The phonics skill of the week include words that contain the long I sounds with y and igh spellings.  There will be a reading test on Friday, April 7th.  Please refer to your fridge facts for more information.

To access the story of the week, please click the link!!!  Here!  –  There is an option on the top to give you the double page (book view)  the story begins on page 74.

Spelling:  There will be a spelling test on Friday.  This week’s words include: my, fly, pie, light, try, by, cried, myself, sky, dry, night, brighter

Math: The children are beginning their unit on measurement.  Please make sure your child has a ruler.

Social Studies: We will learn about the early settlers who came to America.  We will discuss the pilgrims as well as other early colonists.

Science:  We will complete our lessons on space.  The students will learn about our solar system and the planets.

Health: Healthy Lungs

First Grade Supply List: 1st-Grade-1