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updated for : February 21, 2017

Reading- We are working on Lesson 22.  The story is “Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend”.  The connection:  “How To Make A Kite” .  Spelling, Writing/English concepts are incorporated into each lesson.  We will have a Spelling contest on Thursdays and a Spelling test every Friday. 


Math- We are working on pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars.  We will also learn to count change.  The students are encouraged to work at brain teasers and to approach harder tasks with excitement!

Handwriting-We will are learning the Capital letters H, K, M, and N.  They are very proud.  Please come and see their work on the wall.

Religion- The children will work on Chapter 13 Welcome In the Kingdom.   We are reviewing the confession procedure, contrition, penance and absolution.  The confession procedure study sheets are in their folder.

Science- We are working on a new book called “Take Me To St. Louis”.  This is all about the inventions at the World’s Fair.  Science Light Projects are great.

Social Studies-The children are learning about trade and transportation.  We will have many discussions about this.

Art- This subject will be tied into many subjects this year.