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updated for : April 21, 2017

Reading- We are working on Lesson 28.  “Working In Space”.  The connection:  “Space Poems” .  Spelling, Writing/English concepts are incorporated into each lesson.  We will have a Spelling contest on Thursdays and a Spelling test every Friday. 


Math- We are working on fractions and more challenging regrouping problems.

Handwriting-We will are learning the Capital letters G and S.  They are very proud.  Please come and see their work on the wall.

Religion- The children are learning more about the Mass and especially about the consecration part of the Mass.  We are practicing the procedure when going to Communion.  

Science- We are working on a new book called, “Keiko’s Ocean Odyssey.  We will be studying about the ocean and ocean life.

Social Studies-The children are learning about the voting process and studying about FREEDOM!!!  We are working on stories about freedom.  These will be read at our show April 27th.

Art- This subject will be tied into many subjects this year.

Second Grade Show:  Thursday, April 27, 2017   at 9:30

Please be PROMPT!  Thank You!