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updated for : January 17, 2017

Reading- We are finishing working on Lesson 17.  The story is “Luke Goes To Bat”.  The connecting story is “Jackie Robinson“.  Spelling, Writing/English concepts are incorporated into each lesson.  We will have a Spelling contest on Thursdays and a Spelling test every Friday. 


Math- We are working on regrouping in subtraction.  Place Value comes into play and our games, challenges and activities will revolve around this skill.  We will continue with this concept as I reintroduce addition regrouping and mix it up a bit.  This becomes a challenge, because they really have to think.

Handwriting-We will are learning more upswing lower case letters, such as i, k, j and we will review h and l.  They are very proud.  Please come and see their work on the wall.

Religion- The children will work on Chapter 11 Forgiveness.   We are learning about confession, contrition, penance and absolution.  The confession procedure study sheets on in their folder.

Science- We are working on a new book called “Take Me To St. Louis”.  This is all about the inventions at the World’s Fair.

Social Studies-The children are learning about the benefit of saving money.  We are discussing ways to earn money by doing chores.  Work Ethic comes to play in this lesson.  They may come home and ask you about this.

Art- This subject will be tied into many subjects this year.