APRIL 18,2017

HAPPY SPRING! What a wonderful Easter break, filled with great weather and great jelly beans! Time to get back to work!

The children will learn the letter/sound of the letter Yy.” Y”es, they will! They will also be introduced to the letter Qq as well.

We will have a review on measurement in our math class this week .

The Resurrection of Christ will be our focus with stories and activity sheets.

The children will examine the 3 states of matter this week. They are solid, liquid and gas.

Plant life continues to be our science the me .

AND…Stop and see our egg shell creations in the hallway. They will arrive on the walls shortly!

Again, HAPPY SPRING!!!!!























































Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy

Supply List for Kindergarten 2016-2017:


Box of 8 crayons [basic colors]

Box of 8 water based markers [basic colors]

4 sharpened pencils

Art box labeled with child’s name to hold above items

1 folder with BOTTOM pockets

Old t-shirt to be used as a paint shirt

1 bottle WHITE Elmer’s glue

1 box disinfecting wipes

1 box of tissues

1 roll of paper towels