SEPTEMBER 18, 2017

Our Leaf Creatures have been scared away by our scarecrows! Stop and see our friendly characters.

Review of the letters Pp,Qq,Rr,Ss and Tt are our focus. A noun is a name word. Let’s see how many name words e can find!

Beginning sounds will be explored as well in our classes.

Space shapes in math will be discovered. The children will identify a cylinder, cone, sphere, cube and rectangular prism.

Location, location, location!!!Heard that before?  This is our social studies concept.

Our 5 senses booklets are turning out nicely. Popcorn making will be our special treat next week.

Creation is our religion theme. Thank you God for the beauty of His creation. We love you God!

Enjoy this nice weather!











Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy

Supply List for Kindergarten 2017


Box of 8 crayons [basic colors]

Box of 8 water based markers [basic colors]

4 sharpened pencils

Art box labeled with child’s name to hold above items

1 folder with BOTTOM pockets

Old t-shirt to be used as a paint shirt

1 bottle WHITE Elmer’s glue

1 box disinfecting wipes

1 box of tissues

1 roll of paper towels