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This week in my class…January 15, 2017


Social Studies 5: The United States

Unit 2: Chapter 4: Spain Builds an Empire (continues)

Lesson 2: Different World Collides p142

  • The Aztecs are Conquered
  • Founding New Spain
  • The Conquests Continue

Focus:  Mexico City


Religion 6:  Alive in Christ

Chapter 6: Living the Covenant p133 (continues)

  • God’s Faithful Presence
  • God’s Laws
  • Jesus New Law
  • Our Catholic Life

Focus: Saint Hilda of Whitby


Social Studies 6: World History

Unit 3: Civilization in India and China

Chapter 5: Ancient India p120

 Section 4: Indian Empires p142

  • Mauryan Empire Unifies India
  • Gupta Rulers Promote Hinduism

Focus: Asoka


Social Studies 7: United States History (Beginnings to 1877)

Chapter 4: The American Revolution (Test Wednesday)

Section 4: Independence p135

  • War in the South
  • Battle of Yorktown
  • The Treaty of Paris

Focus:  Swamp Fox


Social Studies 8: States History (Civil War to the Present)

Unit 5: The Nation Breaks Apart

Chapter 16: The Civil War

Section 1: The War Begins p510

  • Americans Choose Sides
  • Preparing for War

Focus: David R Shumaker, 1862


5th-8th Grade supply List

Please purchase the following for your Social Studies class: (no supplies are needed for computer)

  • two composition notebooks
  • a one inch binder
  • blue/black/red pens
  • a zippered pencil case that attaches inside the binder