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This week in my class…May 30, 2017


Social Studies 5: The United States

Unit 5: Chapter 10: Forming a New Government p336

Lesson 1: A Weak Government

Focus:  Washington Crossing the Delaware


Religion 6:  Alive in Christ

Unit 4: The Church

Chapter 10: The Early Church p201

Focus: Pentacost


Social Studies 6: World History

Unit 6: Islamic and African Civilizations

Chapter 12: The Islamic World p35o

 Section 1: The Roots of Islam

Focus:  The Five Pillars of Islam


Social Studies 7: United States History (Beginnings to 1877)

Unit 3: The New Republic, 1800-1855

Chapter 11: Expanding West

Section 3: The Mexican-American War

  • Manifest Destiny
  • Mexican-American War

Focus:  The Alamo


Social Studies 8: United States History (Civil War to the Present)


5th-8th Grade supply List

Please purchase the following for your Social Studies class: (no supplies are needed for computer)

  • two composition notebooks
  • a one inch binder
  • blue/black/red pens
  • a zippered pencil case that attaches inside the binder