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Parents, please note the following changes to the supply list below:

-Students DO NOT need a three ring binder, graph paper or a composition book for my class.

-Students DO NEED a graph paper composition notebook. This is an actual composition book made from graph paper.

-All other supplies are the same.  Thanks!

5th-8th Grade Supply List

Simple Solutions due this week:  M-#83, T-#84, W-QUIZ, TH-#85, F- #86.  Remember, even if we don’t have school, we never skip a day of Simple Solutions!   All quizzes are Wednesdays, however this is subject to change due to scheduling changes.

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Dear Parents,

This is tentative idea of what each class will be doing next week.  Mad Minute with 6th grade has begun!  Please ask them to tell you about it!  🙂

8-1:  We will begin Chp. 5:  Perimeter and Area

8-2:  We will begin Chp. 6:  +, -, x, / Polynomials

7-1:  We will begin solving and graphing Quadratic Equations.

7-2: We will continue working on factoring.

6-1:  We will begin working on Customary and Metric Measurement.

6-2:  We will begin working on Customary and Metric Measurement.


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