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This Week: January 17th-20th   

*Flat Stanley envelops were addressed and sent home with each student on Monday 12/12, ready to be mailed. We look forward to hearing back from our Host Families around the world very soon!

Tuesday, January 17th: 8:30am Mass, 1:20pm Gym. Mass uniforms & gym shoes needed!


Please assist your child in selecting appropriate books to read each night for at least 20 minutes. These can be chapter books, picture books, magazine articles, stories from our Journeys reader, reading with/to a family member, etc… The best way children learn to read is by READING, so every little bit counts! Reading books for enjoyment will help develop a love of reading, a greater vocabulary, and improve comprehension. Reading logs are to be filled out, completed, and turned in EVERY FRIDAY signed by a parent or guardian.


Spelling: Review Week 

This week will be a review of phonics skills and concepts learned throughout units 3 and 4. We will continue to work on our cursive writing as well.

Homework:  This is always to be completed in their Spelling composition notebooks. Students should be studying and reviewing their words nightly. 


Test: none


Reading/ Language Arts:

This week will be a Unit Review Week

Main Selection:  Students will read a variety of short stories and passages to test comprehension and understanding, as well as to strengthen independent reading skills.

Target Skill:  Author’s Purpose, Main Idea & Detail, Cause & Effect, Sequence of Events

Grammar: Adjectives, Nouns, Prefixes, Suffixes, Pronouns

Test: Students will be assessed throughout the week.

*Access Journeys book online: click here .

Math:  First in Math can be accessed here.division-clipart-muldiv

(students are encouraged to play at home!)

We will finish Chapter 6, which focuses on multiplication and division facts 6-10.

Students will use what they know about multiplication and division fact families 0-5, to solve for larger products and quotients.

Homework: Students will have homework Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night this week. 

*Students should be studying their multiplication facts 0-10 daily for mastery! This will make them more comfortable as we begin larger division. 

Test: Students will be assessed on Thursday, January 19th.

*Students should also continue to practice and master their addition and subtraction facts 0-10. This will serve as the foundation for all that we will be learning this year in math. 




We will wrap up Chapter 7, The Good News

key terms: miracle, parable, messiah, Gospel, Good News.

Test: Students will be assessed at the end of the chapter on Wednesday, January 18th.




Chapter 15, The Solar System.

We are going to jump ahead in our Science books to Chapter 15. Students will begin to explore the planets in the solar system, identify key characteristics, as well as their relationship to and distance from the sun. 

key terms: orbit, planet, solar system, asteroid.


Social Studies:flat-stanley-2

This week we will take some time to read about and discuss Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement, as well as the importance of this holiday and why we celebrate it.

 We are working on our Flat Stanley project this month. Students will be sending their Flat Stanleys to various places around the US, as well as the world!

All students have selected a friend or family member to send their Flat Stanley too. We will be researching the culture and climates of these communities, writing letters to our hosts, and mailing our Flat Stanleys out next week!

State Facts can be found here 

*Please make sure Flat Stanleys are mailed out no later than Saturday, December 17th!



3rd Grade Specials Schedule:

Monday- Music @ 1:20pm

Tuesday- Music @ 9:05am; Gym @ 1:20pm

Wednesday- Library @ 1:20pm

Thursday- Spanish @ 9:45am

Friday- Computers @ 9:45am