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This week: September 25th – 29th

Tuesday: All-School Mass at 8:30am. Mass uniforms should be worn. 

Friday:  Reading Logs are due every Friday. Mad Science Assembly @ 10:00am.

Students will have Gym at 2:00pm every Friday. Gym shoes are to be worn!

Parents: Your child was given a red, “take home” folder as well as a nightly planner. These can be found in their “take home binders” and will contain all hand-outs, homework assignments, and any other important information for you and your child. Organizational skills are crucial as students continue to work on becoming more independent. Please support your child by checking this binder nightly. 

Weekly Reading Logs have begun! Students are required to read for at least 15 minutes a night, Monday through Thursday. This can be picture books, chapter books, text books, magazine articles, reading to a sibling, reading with an adult, listening to books on audio…. ANYTHING! Children learn to read by reading! Please support your child in selecting age and level appropriate literature each night as they transition from learning HOW to read, to reading to LEARN. Reading books for pleasure and enjoyment will not only develop a greater love of reading, but will strengthen and develop students’ comprehension and vocabulary as well as their ability to make inferences and predictions. Reading Logs are to be signed by a parent or guardian and turned in EVERY Friday.




Unit 1,Lesson 3-Long a and long spellings

lay   real   trail   sweet  today   dream   seem   tea   treat   afraid   leave  

bait   screen   speed   paint   please   yesterday   explain 

Homework:  Students will have Spelling homework every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night. Students should be reviewing and studying their words nightly!

Monday 9/25: write each word 2 times (can be 2 times any way– print & cursive, lowercase & upper case, lowercase & lowercase)

Tuesday 9/26:  color code each word vowels & consonants (ex: dream,  sweet) 

Wednesday 9/27: write each word and the number of letters in each word (ex: dream=5)

Test: Thursday, September 28th


READING: Unit 1, Lesson 3

Journeys Book online can be found here *each student was given their own account that can be accessed at home.

Main Selection: Destiny’s Gift                                               

Target Skill: Understanding Characters

Grammar: What is a sentence? Sentences vs. Fragments

Test: Friday, September 29th 

Homework: Students will have Grammar homework every Thursday night. Reading Logs are due EVERY Friday!

Accelerated Reader can be found here.



MATH: Chapter 1- Place Value

Focus: Students will be exploring the concept of place value up to the hundred thousands place. Students will also be identifying and writing numbers in standard and expanded form. Students will be working on rounding to the tens, hundreds, and thousands place this week. 

Homework: Students will have math homework Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.

Students should be continuing to practice and master their basic 0-10 addition/subtraction fact families. Mastery is crucial as we continue on to multiplication, division, fractions, probability, measurement, and all other math concepts we will be exploring this year. 

Test: Students will be assessed at the end of each chapter 1 on Wednesday, September 27th. 

First in Math can be found here. *Students are encouraged to play at  home!


RELIGION: Chapter 1-The Work of our Creator 

Students will explore the story of and purpose of God’s creation to understand why He created us all so differently. 

Key terms: creation   Holy Trinity   image of God  

Test: Students will be assessed at the end of each chapter on Thursday, September 28th.


SCIENCE: How Animals Live

We will begin Chapter 2 this week. Students will  be reading to explore how animals are grouped, how their bodies and behaviors help them survive, how they grow and change, and how many animals of today resemble the animals that lived long ago. 

key terms: trait  vertebrate  larva  pupa  adaptation  inherited  migrate  hibernate



We will be wrapping up Chapter 1 this week. Students will be reviewing communities both in the United States and throughout the world, specifically the communities of El Paso, Texas, Astoria, Oregon, Wilmington, North Carolina, Denver, Colorado, and Timbuktu. Students will be identifying the importance of a community’s culture, location, and geography. 

key terms: community, geography, location, culture 

*Stay tuned for information about our upcoming Flat Stanley project!


Weekly Schedule: 

Monday- Music @ 1:20pm

Tuesday- Mass @ 8:30am & Music @ 1:20pm

Mass uniforms should always be worn on Tuesdays.

Wednesday- Library @10:30am

Students should always bring library books back to return on Wednesdays.

Thursday- Computer @ 9:45am

Friday- Spanish @ 10:30am & Gym @ 2:00pm

Students will need to wear or bring gym shoes EVERY Friday.