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This Week: April 24th- April 28th

Tuesday, April 25th: 8:30am Mass; 1:20pm Gym- Mass uniforms and gym shoes should be worn. *Uniform Shorts are now permitted.


Please assist your child in selecting appropriate books to read each night for at least 20 minutes. These can be chapter books, picture books, magazine articles, stories from our Journeys reader, reading with/to a family member, etc… The best way children learn to read is by READING, so every little bit counts! Reading books for enjoyment will help develop a love of reading, a greater vocabulary, and improve comprehension. Reading logs are to be filled out, completed, and turned in EVERY FRIDAY signed by a parent or guardian. This is a Homework Grade!!!!



We will have Spelling words from “Frindle.”

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Homework:  Students will have Spelling homework on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, in their Spelling notebooks. 

Monday- 2 times each, print & cursive

Tuesday-Spelling sentences

Wednesday- ABC Order

Thursday- write each word and then write how many letters are in each word.

Test: Friday, April 28th.



Reading/ Language Arts:

We will begin a 2 week, chapter book Unit on Frindle, by Andrew Clements.  Each student will be given a copy to borrow. Throughout the book, students will read independently, with a partner, and as a whole class.

Main Selection:  Frindle

Target Skill: Throughout this book, students will work on predictions and inferences, character development, using a dictionary, sequence of events, and compare & contrast.

Grammar: Parts of speech and creative writing.

Test: Students will be assessed throughout the story. They will take chapter comprehension quizzes, complete in-class projects, and will work on reading  and vocabulary assignments for homework.  

*Access Journeys book online: click here .


Math:  First in Math can be accessed here.

(students are encouraged to play at home!)
We will wrap up Chapter 10, which includes 2- and 3-digit multiplication. Then we will begin Chapter 11, which focuses on long division with and without remainders.

Students will review their basic multiplication facts and will begin to multiply multi-digit numbers to solve for larger products. 

Homework: Students will have homework Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week.

*Students should continue to be studying and mastering their multiplication facts 0-10 daily! This will make them more comfortable as we begin larger division, fractions, and multi-digit multiplication. As always, students should continue to review their simple addition and subtraction facts as well, as this is the foundation for all that we do in math.

Test: Students will be assessed throughout the chapter.



We will begin Chapter 16, Sacraments of Initiation.  

key terms: Sacred Chrism, Sacraments of Initiation, Eucharist, Real Presence

Test: Students will be assessed at the end of the chapter on Tuesday, April 25th.

*Thank you to those who participated in the Random Acts of Kindness Journal Project over Easter Break!




Chapter 6, WEATHER.

Students will be learning about different types of weather, where it comes from, and how it happens.

*Thank you to those who participated in the Water Cycle Journal Project during the month of March! 


Social Studies:flat-stanley-2

 We are continuing to work on our Flat Stanley project this month. Students will be sending their Flat Stanleys to various places around the US, as well as the world!


While we wait for the rest of our Flat Stanleys to arrive, we will be beginning Chapter 7, which will focus on early explorers and settlements. 


3rd Grade Specials Schedule:

Monday- Music @ 1:20pm

Tuesday- Music @ 9:05am; Gym @ 1:20pm

Wednesday- Library @ 1:20pm

Thursday- Spanish @ 9:45am

Friday- Computers @ 9:45am