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Week of March 27 – March 31

> 5th  Grade Math

This week in 5th grade math, we will be continuing chapter 7. We will be moving into central tendency, line plots, and histograms. We will be completing lessons #113 – 116 of Simple Solutions, due Wednesday, March 29 and will take the quiz on Thursday.

First in Math can be found here.

Tonight’s Homework: 



> 5th  Grade Reading:

This week the 5th grade will be working on identifying and writing in different perspectives and points of view in literature. 

Accelerated Reader can be found here.

Students can access the online Journeys book and resources here. They have all received a label in their planners with their usernames and passwords.

Point of View Narrative examples can be found here!

Tonight’s Homework:

Digital Notebook file can be found here!




> 5th  Grade English and Spelling:

This week, 5th grade will be working on chapter 3, adjectives. We will focus on adjectives that tell how many and adjectives with linking verbs. 

We will be starting our next Article of the Week which we can be found here. To access the correct version of the article we are reading this week, students MUST login on and go to their Assignments Binder. The article adjusted to a 5th grade level will be linked there. Student login information: username= firstname.lastname  password= Brilliant205 (e.g. allie.withrow) This week’s “One Pager” will be due Friday! The One Pager submission can be found here

This week’s spelling words:


2. insistent


4. honorable

5. contestant

6. patriotism

7. observant

8. urgent

9. pessimist

10. comfortable

11. absorbent

12. optimism

13. finalist

14. terrible

15. frequent

16. laughable

17. radiant

18. collectible

19. novelist

20.  journalism

 Weekly spelling homework list can be found here.  Spelling City practice can be found here

Tonight’s Homework: word search

Spelling Test will be on Monday, 3/27!

No One Pager this week!

> 5th Grade Religion

This week in religion, we will be starting chapter 9, “Celebrating the Paschal Mystery” and how we are united through the Sacraments through Jesus’ Passion, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension.

Tonight’s Homework: 



> Grade 4 Science 

This week in 4th grade science, we will be starting our next chapter on the different systems in the body. We will focus first on the respiratory system.

Tonight’s Homework: