The science curriculum encompasses concept formation and processes expressed in behavioral objectives. Concept formation is an organized system of information. Process is a method of learning involving hypothesizing, observing, classifying, measuring, predicting, inferring, collecting and analyzing data in order to arrive at valid conclusions and generalizations. The scientific inquiry is basic to good science instruction.  We have a 3D Printer, Vinyl Cutter and Laser Engraver in our Middle School Science Lab.

The students will be able to: 

  • Describe, clarify, analyze and provide direction for problem solving
  • Solve problems by gathering information, working independently and collaboratively, observing with purpose, and drawing appropriate conclusions.
  • Explain basic conceptual schemes of the material world using personal experiences acquired through various activities as the basis for explanation.
  • Demonstrate competencies in the use of the processes of science by: a) observing; b) classifying; c) communicating; d) measuring; e) inferring; f) formulating; g) interpreting data; h) controlling variables; i) experimenting; j) concluding.
  • Discriminate between evidence and proof, fact and theory, observation and inference, summation and analysis.
  • Pursue problems of study and state the methods for gaining the solutions to these problems.
  • Demonstrate a desire to learn and a curiosity for the unknown by formulating and performing self-motivated investigations.
  • Define a point of view by making use of supporting evidence.