The goals and objectives of the catechetical guidelines are constant and consistent in order to enhance the spiritual formation and moral development of all students. A genuine, personal relationship with God and the response of worship and service are ultimate goals of the catechetical program.

Liturgical prayer is an expected outcome of the guidance and catechetical instruction provided. Opportunities for communal, as well as, private personal prayer are a daily priority.

Opportunities for learning doctrine and developing a grasp of the scope and meaning of the “Good News” of salvation are at the core of the program. Therefore, scripture study selections appropriate for all ages of understanding are included in the curriculum. Catholic Christian belief expresses itself in service to God and to others within the community.

This service includes the ability to make moral decisions that are right and just, to control personal behavior by faith principles, to show concern for the welfare of others, and to take personal responsibility according to one’s vocation for the continuing mission of the Church in the salvation of all.